USA Shipping Address

How to Get a US Shipping Address

Not all shops from the USA do offer international shipping to all countries in the world. There are over 200 countries and it is almost impossible to cater for all of them, for many reasons. The answer is often to get a US shipping address.

So, how do you go about getting a shipping address from the USA?

What is a US Shipping Address?

A US shipping address is a postal or mailing address within the United States of America that you can use to give to people, corporations and stores within the US to send stuff to you.

Why might I need a US Shipping Address?

Sometimes a shop will not ship their good abroad, or you need an address or mailbox in the US to receive correspondence that cannot be sent outside the USA or overseas.

Who Offers US Shipping Addresses?

The most popular US address providers are called mail or package forwarders. These companies will give you an address in the US, you can use it when you buy stuff from American stores or companies. They will send the stuff to your USA shopping address and the forwarder will reship, or send, it on to you wherever in the world you live.

Is this free?

Getting a postal address is often free, although some companies charge a set up fee. It is what you do next that will normally cost you. Getting your mail or parcels forwarded will cost you a shipping or mailing fee. Having the company hold your mail for a period of time will normally cost you something too. The package forwarders also have other fees too, but some of these may help you to reduce your overall shipping expenses by consolidating packages or repacking some to make them smaller.

Who are the best Package Forwarders in the USA?

The best US Shipping address companies and package forwarders can be found in our directory by following the link. You can also leave reviews of your experiences if you have used them.