Have you been ripped off? We’re here to help.

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Have you bought something over the internet from abroad and been ripped-off? Maybe you bought a wedding dress from a website retailer in China and when it was delivered it did not look like the one in the photo on the website? Or the sleeves were ripped, or worse still your package never arrived but the retailer took your money?

These are some of the things that do actually happen to unfortunate international shoppers. Don’t worry, because MyInternationalShopping.com is here to make sure it never happens to you! Here’s how…

We know that it can be difficult, sometimes, to buy something online from a different country. Cross-border purchases sometimes go wrong. There is an increase in dodgy fake retailer websites springing up that will take your money but have no intention of sending you what you thought you bought. These are scams.

Other websites describe beautiful clothes and products such as wedding dresses and clothing or jewellery, but what arrives can be damaged or actally be a cheap imitation of what they told you you were buying. 

If that shop is based in China it can be hard to get redress. There are lots of fake Chinese shopping websites. Would you know what to do and how to deal with the Chinese authorities or consumer protection agencies?

Here is what we can do to help.

1. Check our directory or forum for details of the shop you are thinking of using. We have now included a warning banner on any shop in our directory that has been alerted as possibly being a scam or selling wrongly described products. There is also a thread in the forum about fake shops that have been flagged with stories. Please leave yours.

Shop with caution at shops that have been flagged and look for the reputable shops with good reviews or no bad reviews.

2. Pay with a credit card. In many countries it is possible to obtain a chargeback, or get a refund if you have paid with a credit card and your purchase is not what you expected it to be.

If this is the case speak with your credit card provider to claim.

3. Read our list of consumer protection agencies or official websites and organisations that you can report your issue to, and who may be able to help you with the legalities you face in the country where the shop is based.

4. Read through our advice section to find information and advice about how to deal with failed delivery, scams, late delivery and international knock off nightmares.

5. Ask a question or leave a comment in the community forum.









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