Best Indian credit cards?

Which are the Best Indian international debit cards?

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Credit cards are no doubt best when it comes to making international payments or forex transactions. All the Indian banks today have the option to pick an international credit/debit card. They come in handy even when you are transacting on international websites for online shopping or anything else. But what really matters is the cost of the transaction and you do not want to pick just any card. Every foreign currency transaction can attract a mark up. There are some good international debit cards from India that help you save with every transaction you make.

1. HDFC Infinia Credit Card

The infinite credit card from HDFC stands out when it comes to forex transactions. It not only offers a higher credit limit, but also comes with no pre-set spending limit. So you can transact an amount equal to the maximum limit in one go. This card is ideal for bigger value purchases such as jewellery, holiday package and other expensive products. The minimum credit limit of this product is 10 lakh and this can be further enhanced.

The currency markup fee of this credit card is just 2% that makes it a very affordable deal. There is also a reward rate of 3.3% on every purchase you make. The repayment can be done with easy EMI options. So no worries of repaying your expenditures in one shot. You can also redeem your reward points for exciting gifts and purchases as well.

2. Citibank Prestige Credit Card

This is another amazing credit card from India with an attractive markup fee of 3.5% plus service tax. The reward rate of 4% is a real steal and you can enjoy loads of other benefits too. Powered by VISA infinite, this card has no maximum limit for credit. You are given a certain minimum credit limit based on your application status. After that, based on your transactions and relationship with the bank, your credit limit gets a rise.

There is an attractive joining bonus of 10,000 air miles. You also get Rs. 10,000 worth vouchers from TAJ or ITC hotels. There are many other ongoing benefits that you can enjoy with this card. There is a loyalty program for frequent card users – one-night complimentary stay each time you book for a minimum of 4 nights in any hotel. It also offers priority pass lounge access at over 950 airports around the world.   

3. YES First Credit Card

This credit card from YES bank comes with an impressive low markup fee of just 1.75%. This card has several benefits and starts from minimum credit limit of 20 lakh but it can be different for each customer. This is based on various factors such as a person’s income status, credit score, etc. With a joining fee of Rs. 10,000, you can enjoy 50,000 points as welcome bonus. These points are equivalent to Rs. 12,500 and you get to earn 10 reward points for every Rs. 100 you spend.

The reward rate of this card is 2.5% and you can earn 25,000 points if your annual spend is 20 lakh or more. You also get a hotel Taj InnerCircle Epicure Plus membership with this card. You also get a green fee waiver at several Golf clubs in India and complimentary golf lessons to go with. There is also the priority pass at over 1000 airports in the world. 

4. IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card

With an impressive 1.8% as international markup fee, this credit card comes with loads of free vouchers as a welcome bonus. There are 10K worth vouchers from Pantaloons, Hidesign,, Woodland and UCB that you get upon signing up.

With 2.6% reward rate you can earn 1 reward point for every Rs. 100 weekday spends and 2 points for weekend spends. There is a 0% surcharge on the purchase of fuel and complimentary airport lounge access. The joining fee for this credit card is Rs. 10,000 plus taxes. You can also enjoy a loyalty program that entitles you for increased credit limit. This again depends on your transactions and repayment pattern. 

5. HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Yet another impressive credit card by HDFC with a markup fee of 2% plus taxes. You can earn 4 reward points on every Rs. 150 spent. There are plenty of privileges for dining, travelling and shopping. You are eligible for accident compensation of Rs. 1 Crore and 15 lakhs against any other medical emergencies. You can access priority lounge at any airport with a limit of six per year.  

6. SBI Global international debit card

The State Bank of India have a number of international debit and credit cards which are good for international payments. Including:

  • SBI Global International, available in Gold and Platinum
  • SBI Foreign Travel Card, prepaid.
  • SBI MY Card International Debit Card

State Bank’s card are available on Mastercard or Visa. The Global International card is contactless. These cards can be used for online purchases as well as money withdrawal. Rewardz points available.

What makes a good international credit card?

When considering a credit card for overseas purchases you have to consider two main things:

  1. The fee or commission
  2. The exchange rate

The free is the cost that the bank or provider will charge you for making a purchase or withdrawal. The exchange rate is the rate at which they will exchange your currency. Sometimes they will add a commission so that you get less of the money you are after than the market rate.

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