Failed international delivery contact template

If you have ordered some shopping online using international shipping, and it has not arrived within the specified timeframe at the time of purchase. The best thing to do is to send an email or a letter to the shop’s customer support.

Here is our failed international delivery contact (letter or email) template which you can adapt to send to the shop asking for delivery of your shopping, otherwise asking for a refund.

What do I do if my international shopping has not arrived?

In a previous international shopping advice article we wrote down some steps that you are advised to take if your shopping is late or has not been delivered. If you are suffering from a failed delivery it can be very frustrating.

Contact your courier company.

The best place to start is by contacting the delivery or courier company to check if they have tried to deliver or are about to.

Shops should specify the expected delivery time at the time of purchase, once this timeframe has been exceeded it is important to contact the store’s customer service with these details:

  1. Your order number
  2. Your name
  3. A package tracking number, if you have one

The store will then be able to check the status of your delivery and give you an answer.

Failed delivery letter template.

If you are wondering what to write and what information you need to include when contacting the shipping company about non-delivery of your item, we have written a letter or email template which you can use. Simply fill in the details and changing the bracketed [blue text].

Dear [Their name, if you have one],

On [Date you placed the order] I ordered the following from you:

[The item you ordered and was not delivered]

The order number is [The order number]. Tracking Number [Parcel Tracking number, if you have one].

At the time of purchase through your website I was informed that the above item would be delivered on [Expected delivery date], but at present I have still not received the item. Failure to deliver within a reasonable time and outside of the agreed deadline is considered to be a breach of contract. I am now making time of the essence and request the item be delivered to my address within 14 days of receipt of this letter. Should you fail to do so, I will be requesting a full refund of all monies paid.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

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