With some Chinese shopping websites now becoming popular all over the world, such as Alibaba.com and AliExpress.com, and many people looking for a bargain online, we investigate whether it is safe to buy stuff over the internet from a shop in China for delivery abroad...

There are many ways to transfer money from one country, or currency, to another. Many charge high commissions or fees and take a large cut on top with a bad exchange rate. How about one that claims to be 8 times cheaper transferring money than your bank? Read on to find out more...

Not all shops from the USA do offer international shipping to all countries in the world. There are over 200 countries and it is almost impossible to cater for all of them, for many reasons. The answer is often to get a US shipping address.

So, how do you go about getting a shipping address from the USA?

If you have ordered some shopping online using international shipping, and it has not arrived within the specified timeframe at the time of purchase. The best thing to do is to send an email or a letter to the shop's customer support.

Here is our failed international delivery contact (letter or email) template which you can adapt to send to the shop asking for delivery of your shopping, otherwise asking for a refund.

Have you bought something from a retailer that ships internationally using Borderfree and you want to check the status of your package? Find out how you can use Borderfree's parcel tracking service to find out where your shopping is and how long it will take to be delivered to your address.

One of the best ways to protect yourself when buying something from an online retailer with worldwide shipping is to pay using a credit card or a payment provider like PayPal. These methods of payment provide you with a certain amount of protection such as insurance against failed delivery or broken goods, and a payment provider can help you with a dispute such as the PayPal Resolution Center.

Find out what is the best way to resolve your dispute with a seller if you have paid using PayPal.

What happens if you buy something with worldwide shipping, to outside of the EU, and your shopping package which you have bought from an online shop within the European Union (EU) fails to show up, as promised, on your doorstep over on the other side of the world? Here is our guide and advice of what to do in the event that your international shopping from Europe fails to show up. EU failed or late international delivery, your rights and what to do. 

Buying stuff on the internet is easy, for most of us. We logon to an online retailer's website, add shopping to basket, visit the checkout and pay with our Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card.

Unfortunately for some international shoppers things aren't quite so easy. Some shops will only accept credit cards from their own country or with a domestic address. For instance in the USA, sometimes, you can only pay with a USA billing address credit or debit card.

So how does, for example, someone in India who doesn't have a credit or debit card, or one that is not accepted, get a billing address to pay for their international shopping from the USA or Europe? Find out more about international virtual prepaid credit and debit cards. 

Another international shopping orders and fulfillment company much like Borderfree is called International Checkout. They handle international orders and worldwide delivery for many USA online shopping websites, so that they can sell their wares to people all over the world and not have to bother with the admin of the customs duties and the international shipping.

Have you bought from a shop that uses InternationalCheckout.com? Please leave your experiences or reviews below.

Did you receive a gift or item from outside the European Union (EU) this Christmas in the UK? Did you buy something from someone or a retailer in the USA, Australia, New Zealand or another non EU country with international delivery to the UK, and when it arrived you received a card (P4605) from the Royal Mail telling you you have a fee, or customs charge, to pay?

This is probably because the value of your item exceeded the VAT and/or Customs Duty thresholds and therefor there is some tax to pay to HMRC. Well, what if it is wrong, or you return the item, what can you do to claim back the charge, challenge it or not pay it in the first place?

Have you bought something over the internet from abroad and been ripped-off? Maybe you bought a wedding dress from a website retailer in China and when it was delivered it did not look like the one in the photo on the website? Or the sleeves were ripped, or worse still your package never arrived but the retailer took your money?

These are some of the things that do actually happen to unfortunate international shoppers. Don't worry, because MyInternationalShopping.com is here to make sure it never happens to you! Here's how...

So you bought, or were bought, an item, a gift, a present - perhaps you just made an impulse purchase online - with international shipping, or worldwide delivery, to your country and, for whatever reason, you don't want to keep it - you want to return it, or you want a refund? What do you do? Here is our advice for how to do an international return.

USA shopping online

Online stores and shops from the United States of America, or the USA, are very popular for shoppers from all over the world, many US online shopping stores offer international delivery and shipping worldwide. Many people shop online from the US with international shipping. Here is our pick of the best American web shops and online stores with reviews that will deliver overseas to most countries.

This is our English language guide and pick of online shopping websites that offer worldwide shipping or international delivery for the rest of the world (ROW). If you are unsure about international shopping and buying stuff from overseas online, we hope to be able to help you, answer some questions, and make things easier for you. Things that concern people about worldwide shipping include, shipping times and costs, international returns, import duty and even just what are the best shops?

Welcome to our guide to buying from overseas online shops with international shipping to Great Britain, otherwise known globally as the UK. There are hundreds of shops throughout Europe, the USA and all over the world that sell things that can be shipped to the United Kingdom. 

Cross border shopping for USA shoppersMany shoppers in the USA look to shops around the world to find interesting things and shops that cannot be found at home in the States. There are online shops in Europe, the UK, and China that will deliver to the US for free and sell a great many products from clothing to electronics, in styles and fashions that are more difficult or expensive to be bought domestically. Here is our guide to finding and shopping cross border to the USA.

Shops with worldwide shipping to IndiaHere is our quick guide to international online shopping websites that offer worldwide shipping to India. Many shops from Europe, UK and USA as well as others worldwide will deliver to India, and some will do so for free or a flat delivery rate.

International shopping tips for Australians

Thinking about buying clothes, makeup, shoes or electronic goods and more from overseas shops? It is easy but can seem bit daunting, here are 3 tips that will help make your international shopping go smoothly.

Since September 2014 many UK sellers on eBay.co.uk have been automatically enrolled on the eBay Global Shipping Programme.

But, what exactly is the global shipping programme?

One question we get asked a lot is the above. People worldwide want to know if Amazon ship internationally, how to buy the products they are looking for and what are the import duty implications, if any?

The short answer is yes Amazon.com do deliver worldwide. Here are the details and how to out which countries they deliver to and how to find the products that can be delivered to you.

محلات تجارية تقدم خدمة التوصيل دولياً وللشرق الأوسط.

هناك العديد من المحلات التجارية حول العالم وخاصة في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وآسيا وأوروبا والمملكة المتحدة،

Исследования показали, что столько, сколько 54% россиян купили торговый пересечение границ. Многие россияне смотреть купить международном из-за рубежа онлайн, с магазинами из Америки популярной, а также Китая и Европы.

Singapura dan Malaysia telah agak maju industri internet dan e-dagang, sebenarnya ia telah dikira oleh Euromonitor bahawa kedua-dua negara menjana hampir separuh daripada jumlah jualan runcit dalam talian di rantau ini, walaupun Malaysia dan Singapura hanya mengambil kira 8% daripada penduduk Asia Tenggara .

One question we get a lot here are MyInternationalShopping.com is what advice can we give to international shoppers who wish to return or want a refund for their overseas purchase?

This is a very good question and the answer is one that many shoppers won't be aware of when shopping from abroad. Many shoppers probably aren't aware of what consumer protection is available for domestic shopping let alone cross border shopping. We think it is important to have at least some knowledge before shopping internationally

The table below is a quick guide to the rates of import duty and sales tax that may be applicable when you purchase a product abroad and have it delivered or imported to your own country. The countries on the left indicate the countries that the goods are being shipped to.

Import or custom duty is a tax, or tariff, that you may need to pay if you are buying goods or services in one country, including over the internet, and having them delivered to another country. When you buy something from abroad that is delivered to your home country, that item is considered as being imported.

Most countries will levy import tax on such purchases, but not all purchases will be eligible for import duty. For instance, customs duty is not payable on goods that are bought between EU countries.