Month: August 2015

  • Opas Reviews

    Opas Reviews

    OPAS, or Overseas Personal Address Service, is an overseas address company and package forwarder which provides shopping and mailing addresses in the USA and Japan.

  • Viabox Reviews

    Viabox Reviews

    Viabox USA address service and package forwarder. Viabox only charge for the shipping fees for your purchases from US retailers delivered to their Oregon warehouse and forwarded internationally. They provide shipping from the major shipping companies.

  • ReShip Reviews

    ReShip Reviews

    ReShip package forwarding

  • Bongo International

    Bongo International

    Bongo International (Bongous) charge $5 per shipment that you send to them from a retailer for forwarding on to yourself. They have addresses in the USA, Europe (EU) and, differently to most other forwarders, S. America. They claim to ship around the world, but it is difficult to see exactly what their fees are, although…

  • Stackry Reviews

    Stackry Reviews

    Stackry is based in Massachusetts USA and are a global shipping company and international parcel forwarding provider. They will provide shoppers with a USA shopping address and will forward packages on all over the world. Stackry use 4 different carriers to offer a range of shipping options to suit most budgets and timelines. Get a…